Healthy climate:

The climate is not only pleasant but also certainly healthy, as demonstrated by (WHO) research. Depression in winter, the so-called "winter depression" or "winter blues", which among other things is treated with light therapy, appears less here than elsewhere. Perhaps the extensive sunlight and the longer days of the Costa Blanca have a beneficial influence on the mind. Rheumatism and also heart and circulation diseases undergo a healing effect, presumably due to the rich and healthy Mediterranean food, the relative lower air pressure differences and the less hectic lifestyle.


Medical and home care:

The region is well furnished for the reception of winter visitors not only when it comes to housing but also for medicine. So does virtually every resort on the Costa Blanca has a Dutch or English speaking doctor. If you want to make a claim on home care in this region then that is quite possible. For Dutch, if you are entitled to home care you can be reimbursed through the Dutch settlements and there are various organizations in the region with Dutch speaking carers and nurses.



Should you decide to spend the winter on the Costa Blanca then you can easily stay fully informed about the ins and outs at home through the available newspapers and magazines. You can also find your trusted channels using our satellite TV.



This sunny climate has 300 days of sunshine per year and an average of 6 hours of sunshine a day in winter, really is lovely to enjoy the best climate that Spain has to offer. The villa is offered completely furnished and has central heating so is ideal for the occasional cold, wet and grey winter days.














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